10 Best States for Baby Boomers to Retire

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Ok Boomer, you Baby Boomers are getting up there in age. They are in the mid-50s to the late 70s in 2020. One of the most important things for most in that age bracket is cutting costs.

Probably the easiest way to do that is to move somewhere cheap. If you spent your life living and working in California, New York, Chicago, or Seattle chances are you need to get out.

This post is about the best state for baby boomers in  2021

10. Utah

Utah is a great state in so many ways. It’s actually hard to make a negative list for the Beehive State. What makes them land at the number ten spot? The first thing is the stat called wellbeing. Basically, that’s. How do you feel about the community? What are your opportunities in the community? How clean is your community and how is your relationship with the people in the community?

As expected, Utah’s one of the best. They’re actually ranked number five in the nation. The poverty rate among boomers is six point five percent. For comparison, the poverty rate and some of the worst states for baby boomers like New Mexico and Mississippi, it’s 13 and 14 percent. They also have some of the best nature national parks that we have to offer in this country. Utah is the only state in the U.S. where every county includes part of a national forest.

That’s kind of cool. About 56 percent of baby boomers can afford to own a home in Utah.

9. Vermont

This one surprised me a little bit. Vermont is normally considered a state with a high-cost living. Thing is, it is in the cities, but there’s a steep drop once you get outside the cities and in the more rural areas. Now, this is a common theme in almost every single state, but a little bit more. In Vermont, they were ranked sixth and well-being and they have one of the lowest crime rates in the country. When you start getting up there in age, you start looking at crime stats a little bit more.

Nobody ever wants to be the victim of a crime, but it’s a little more devastating when you’re an older person. Eight point seven percent of the boomers live in poverty in the Green Mountain State, which compared to some of the other states like I said before, is not much. Vermont is a great state for baby boomers, maybe not the diabetic type, because Vermont produced one point nine million gallons of maple syrup in twenty nineteen. That’s more than double what any other state produced.

8. Alaska

The last frontier has been a destination for people winding it down for many years. You get paid to live here, actually. Yeah. It’s kind of cool to give you a little, you know, yearly stipend. Is it called a stipend anyway? You get money for living there. Housing is reasonable and it’s very sparsely populated. Some people, as they get older, really grow a disdain for other human means.

Keep in mind, groceries can get a little pricey here because everything’s got to be shipped. But most everything else is pretty cheap. The natural environment is a big deal for anyone moving to Alaska. If that’s not what you’re Endou, you probably shouldn’t give Alaska much consideration. The poverty rate for baby boomers here is seven point four percent, which isn’t terrible. But if you do want to retire with an ocean view, Alaska has more coastline than any other state.

7. Minnesota

Minnesotans have nature, a low-cost living, and a lower than average chance of living in poverty. Baby boomers that can handle a cold winter can find great small towns to enjoy their golden years in Minnesota Fish Garden and complain about the weather, all the things retirement is supposed to be about. Minnesota has far too many great towns. Minnesota is a great place for seniors and families with a very low crime outside the Twin Cities area in well-being.

They’re ranked 12th and their poverty rate among boomers is seven point three percent. Minnesota’s life expectancy is one of the highest eighty points seven years, making them the third-best in the nation. The national average for comparison is seventy-four point five years. Another great thing about Minnesota for retirees and boomers, the North Star State has more golf courses per capita than any other state. Yeah, more than California. More than Florida, more than all of them.

6. Wyoming

The Cowboy State is in that part of the country that’s seen a lot of Californians riding on in along with Idaho and Montana. Wyoming is becoming increasingly popular. A lot of those people moved in. There are baby boomers. When you look at cost of living, Wyoming is always in the lowest top 10. Last year, they were number nine. The cowboy state has one of the least stressed populations and they are actually number one, for least stressed seniors and retirees.

That’s good. They are ranked second when it comes to well-being. And their baby boomers only have a seven-point two percent poverty rate. You might not expect this from a place that has a nickname like the Cowboy State.

5. South Dakota

South Dakota starting to be the next Idaho, in my opinion. not just from residents, but from businesses to businesses are starting to relocate here, replacing old industries that died out in the last couple of decades up until its closure in 2002, the Homestake Mine in Lead, South Dakota, was the largest and deepest gold mine in all of North America.

The Mount Rushmore state only has about seven percent of its boomers living below the poverty line. And that’s good. They rank ninth and well-being and people really seem to love this place. They have a lot of open space and baby boomers seem to like a lot of open space. They want to get land to live on and they want it to be bigger than the standard size you’re getting in a suburb or something like that. They want an acre. So a lot of them and if they can afford it, they’re moving to South Dakota to get it.

4. North Dakota

Besides sharing one of its names and a border, the Peace and Garden State has very similar states to South Dakota. They get a tad bit colder and have a few less trees, but they’re fairly similar. North Dakota ranks tenth in well-being. North Dakota is the home of the geographical center of North America. Yeah, like North America was a record.

That’s where that little hole goes in. And for those of you who don’t know what a record is, Google it. For those of you that are watching this for a place to live, you already know what a record is. You remember him fondly. You actually probably remember going to the record store. Only six point seven percent of the boomers in North Dakota live below the poverty line.

3. New Hampshire

New Hampshire is very similar to Vermont in more ways. baby boomers who live here have the lowest poverty rate in the nation at five point three percent. That’s solid. The Granite State doesn’t produce nearly as much syrup as Vermont, but they are the only state that has a pumpkin as the state fruit.

New Hampshire, they’re ranked 11th in well-being, one of the main reasons for this is the great outdoors. This is one of the nicest states for people that enjoy the outdoors. They even have a surf. Yeah, people actually surf in New Hampshire. They don’t have that much coastline, but people get there and surf.

2. Nebraska

Nebraska is number two for a couple of reasons. Low cost of living and very low housing prices, both owning and renting. Nebraska is considered one of the most boring states in the nation. Only six point seven percent of the boomers live in poverty in the Cornhusker State and it is ranked 18th for overall well-being. That’s a little high for this list.

But the cost of living and housing being so low, things like that can be overlooked. Nebraska has extremely low crime and a ton of baby boomers. So be amongst your own boomers make up almost a third of the state’s population. Nebraska is a great state to move to.

1. Iowa

Iowa is ranked 23rd yeah they don’t have a lot of community here you know they don’t feel like they’re in touch they’re kind of middle of the road when it comes to state well-being the poverty rate for boomers is only six percent in the hawkeye state if you like bacon you’ll be glad to hear that pigs outnumber humans in Iowa seven to one.

But for 2021 Iowa is probably the best state for boomers to retire or just to move they have jobs too even if you’re a boomer or semi-retired or whatever you can get a good job in Iowa they have jobs right now.

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