5 Tips On Hiring A Moving Company

hiring a moving company

If you’re thinking of hiring a moving company after closing that may not be the best plan of action, especially in the summer months. I will show you 5 key tips you need to know before hiring a moving company before you close. Saving you a lot of headaches and making your moving process much easier.

Quotes on the web.

Some things you need to know before you hire a moving company. If you start on the internet to get a quote be sure that you know that the quote they give you may not match the cost you were originally quoted. No moving company can give an accurate number without coming to your home and taking inventory of your items prior to the move.

Ask about extra costs.

Most moving companies have extra costs make sure to ask them what they charge extra for items like, extra boxes and moving blankets, cost per pound overage, other packing materials, and extra labor costs.

Cheaper doesn’t always mean better.

As the saying goes, you get what you pay for, I have had past clients tell me that had thought their move wasn’t going to expensive and after all their items made it on the truck it cost them way more than they anticipated. Make sure you get several quotes for different moving companies so you can see what one will work best for your move.

Do proper research.

There are some great resource websites you need to visit before you hire a moving company. FMCSA… and Better Business Bureau to check on the moving companies ratings, and customer reviews.  By the way, On the way Moving and Storage we can provide with an item-based quote from our virtual meeting system to ensure your estimate is accurate while respecting social distancing during these pandemic times.

Schedule your move right away,

In the late spring and summer months moving companies get extremely busy so making sure you book your moving company after you’ve done your research as soon as you can so you can get as close to the date, you’d like to move.

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