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Update March 2021

Need a moving company near you? Waiting is over if you are in the Colorado state or if you’re planning to move to the state of Colorado and try hard to find a long-distance moving company that can help you in your moving journey, from getting the boxes to pack your move to actually unloading your goods from the moving truck into your destination, we encourage you to keep reading to learn 5 reasons why you should hire On The Way Moving and Storage for your upcoming move.

We are Movers in Colorado

Our moving company provides nationwide moving service for a long-distance relocation, nonetheless, our headquarters and truck fleet are based out of Denver, Colorado. This means that you will have no problem finding a moving crew that’s near you and can provide insightful feedback about your moving destination.

By the way, we have an entire article that provides 10 reasons to move to Denver, Colorado that you can enjoy as a quick read with your preferred drink.

It does not matter if you need to move hundreds of kilometers from your current place of residence to or out of Colorado, we can move all your belongings and furniture without any hassle.

Careful Movers

When you invest invaluable items, as an owner of such valuable goods you deserve to receive the help from a moving team that knows of important those items are. Packing and transporting your items is a serious business that needs to be addressed with care and precision. We understand that moving across the country may put your valuable goods at risk. Moreover, affording restoration is a long and costly process that any person who owns valuable goods would want to avoid. So, whenever you need to move to another state, you can rest assured that our moving team are professional with these special requests.

Affordable Moving Costs

We have developed a pricing strategy that allows us to deliver top-nutch service while remaining budget-friendly to our customers. The strategy?

We take an approach to our moving jobs that bases the cost on the actual items that are being moved, the distance to be traveled, and the conditions under which the move is being performed.

It is important to mention that by getting rid of stuff you don’t need or things that you can easily replace if sold locally, then you can save in moving cost because the less items you transport, the less truck space you will be charged for.

Moreover, expediting your move is not just about how many things you are actually moving, how heavy they are or how carefully they need to be handled, but also the conditions that may affect how we handle your move such as how accesible your pick up location is, how complicated is it to load or unload your goods from the truck may become because of stairs, floors, walked distance from the moving truck, weather conditions, etc.

Putting the above factors into the equation and considering how many moves our large trucks can deliver in a single route, sharing truck space without mixing our customer’s belongings in a single delivery has become key to lowering moving costs for our customers.

Of course, there might be exceptions to the above pricing strategy when you need to occupy the whole truck for your move, but we also have reasonable discounts for such special scenarios.

Licensed and Insured

On the way moving and storage has a proven track record in handling moving jobs with above 96% satisfaction level during our decades of service. One of the reasons we believe our moves are so successful is due to the fact that our truck drivers and moving crew train in our warehouse with our proprietary coaching system that feeds our staff from real life scenarios shared across the moving industry.

Taking from the words from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (aka FMCSA):

There’s a lot at stake when you move. There’s the money you’ll spend. The memories you’re taking from one place to another. And, your treasured possessions—furniture, family pictures, heirlooms, antiques, children’s toys… When you move, your personal property (including valuables) is loaded onto a moving truck. And while most moves go smoothly, accidents do happen and some items may be lost or damaged during shipment.

Your mover is liable for the value of the goods you ask them to transport. There are, however, different levels of liability. The level you choose will determine the type and amount of reimbursement you will receive if an item is lost or damaged. Be aware of the various types of protection available and the charges for each option.

The two different levels of liability movers are required to provide are explained below and in Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move, a booklet movers are required by Federal regulations to provide to interstate moving customers. Be sure to read this information carefully and follow the instructions provided to declare a value on your shipment.

What are your options?

Under Federal law, interstate movers must offer two different liability options referred to as valuation coverage: (1) Full Value Protection and (2) Released Value

Below you can find an explanation to the two options referred to above:

Full Value Protection Under Full Value Protection, your mover is liable for the replacement value of lost or damaged goods in your entire shipment. This is the more comprehensive plan available for the protection of your belongings. Unless you select the alternative level of liability described below—Released Value—your mover will transport your shipment under the Full Value Protection level of liability. If any article is lost, destroyed or damaged while in your mover’s custody, your mover will, at its discretion, offer to do one (1) of the following for each item:Repair the itemReplace with a similar itemMake a cash settlement for the cost of the repair or the current market replacement valueUnder this option, movers are permitted to limit their liability for loss or damage to articles of extraordinary value, unless you specifically list these articles on the shipping documents. An article of extraordinary value is any item whose value exceeds $100 per pound (such as jewelry, silverware, china, furs, antiques). Ask your mover for a written explanation of this limitation before your move.The exact cost for Full Value Protection varies by mover and may be subject to various deductible levels of liability that may reduce your cost. Ask your mover for written details of their Full Value Protection plan.
Released Value Protection The most economical protection available is Released Value, since it is offered at no additional charge. However, the protection is minimal. Under this option, the mover assumes liability for no more than 60 cents per pound per article. For example, if your mover lost or damaged a 10-pound stereo component valued at $1,000, you would only receive $6.00 in compensation (60 cents x 10 pounds).There is no additional charge for Released Value. However, you must sign a specific statement on the bill of lading or contract agreeing to it. But remember, it compensates you according to the weight of the item, not its actual value. And, if you do not select Released Value, your shipment will automatically be transported at the Full Value Protection level of liability and you will be assessed the applicable charge.Full Value Protection and Released Value are not insurance policies governed by state insurance laws; instead, they are Federal contractual tariff levels of liability authorized under Released Rates Orders of the Surface Transportation Board of the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Keep in mind…

Some of your actions may limit your mover’s liability. These include:

  • Packing perishable, dangerous or hazardous materials in your household goods without your mover’s knowledge.
  • Packing your own boxes. You may consider packing your own household goods articles to reduce your costs, but if the articles you pack are damaged, it may be more difficult to establish your claim against the mover for the boxes you pack.
  • Choosing Released Value coverage when your household goods are valued at more than 60 cents per pound per article.
  • Failing to notify your mover in writing about articles of extraordinary value.
  • Signing a delivery receipt for your household goods if it contains any language about releasing or discharging your mover or its agents from liability. By law, you have nine (9) months to file a written claim. Strike out this kind of language or refuse delivery until a proper receipt is provided.
  • Failing to report loss and damage promptly. You have nine (9) months following either the date of delivery, or the date on which the shipment should have been delivered, to file a written claim.

Get free temporary storage

We understand that sometimes moving to a new location may imply facing challenging facts or complicated situations such as not having your destination facility or residence ready or maybe you won’t be able to make it there exactly when your move has been scheduled. No worries!

You can always talk to your moving manager to address this situation and we will work with you to help you receive storage service in our warehouse for free. Notice that charges may apply after a certain time.

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