How Much Do Cross Country Movers Cost?

cross country movers

Probably you have wondered: How much do Cross Country Movers Cost? In this post, we’ll attempt to break it down into a couple of categories and explain it to you.

There are two main components that moving companies use to calculate your moving cost:

  1. Weight:

Depending on the weight of your load (i.e. items to be transported) you will be charged a dollar amount per pound. It varies from company to company, but it ranges from $0.50 cents and $0.75 per pound.

2. Volume

Usually moving companies charge a dollar amount per cubic feet. What they do is that they survey your goods through to understand how much space your goods will occupy in the moving truck.

It is important to know that cross-country movers like On the Way Moving and Storage have virtual tools that allow their agents to take your inventory remotely while providing you with a highly accurate moving estimate at no extra cost.

Be Wary of Hidden Fees

There are a few other details that might add to your moving cost. We will break them down for you to ensure you don’t get a billing surprise.


If the moving company is responsible for all of your packing, be sure they will charge you according to the supply and time they spent on it. Also, remember that none of the packing materials are included in the moving estimate.

So, any boxes, padding, tapes, bubble wraps, and any additional packing material they bring on your moving day, will also be added to your final invoice.


Depending on the amount of stairs you might need the movers to carry your items on, movers could charge you per flight, per step, or per turn when it comes to stairs.

Liability and Valuation Coverage

Remember there are two types of protection, as stated in this article about Colorado Moving Companies, that is full value protection and release value protection.

Full value protection means that the moving company will responsibility for any loss or damage, paying you exactly the same amount of money that your item costs.

The release value protection, on the other hand, only covers $0.60 cents per pound per item, which usually is not enough to cover the damages of your goods.

Thus, we notice that moving costs depend on a lot of factors, if you would like to be 100% clearer about your particular moving doubts, feel free to ask and request a completely free moving estimate, tailored to your particular scenario.

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