Please read the following requirements & regulations to ensure a smooth and worry-free move.

RESCHEDULE / CANCEL OF SERVICE: Rescheduling /Cancellation of your move date must be submitted in writing by the customer to fax number: 1 888 552 0622 or scanned by email to Cancellations of services less than two weeks before the move will result in 3% penalty of the deposit.

All cancellations for services made by customer less than two (2) weeks prior to service date (including onsite service cancellation made by the customer) due to unforeseen circumstances, or any additional services added to the account such as packing services, additional items to be moved, overnight service, storage services or packing materials usage, that are not included in the initial Estimate Cost For Service that was signed and approved by the customer, the customer is fully responsible and will be charged the entire total Estimate Cost For Service given prior to service date.

TERMS OF PAYMENTS: Upon booking a 15% deposit, plus booking/origin fee, is required to be paid in the form of Visa, MasterCard, Amex, or Discover card. This is a temporary form of payment intended only to reserve your place on our schedule. Upon arrival at your pick-up location, the charged amount may be refunded to the card, and the amount will be added back into the balance of your agreement. Prior to pick up 80% of the balance is due in the form of money order, certified check, check by phone, wire transfer. At delivery, the balance is due prior to unloading in the form of Post Office Money Order only. On the Way Moving and Storage reserve the right to collect up to 80% of the balance due prior to the goods leaving the origin state. Subject to federal law, payment in FULL of all charges is required before delivery and prior to unloading.

PACKING YOUR GOODS: All Customers are responsible to pack all boxes and fragile items (glass, mirror, marble, and electronics) unless noted differently on this Estimate Cost For Service (via “Your Estimate Cost For Service No.” email). For health and sanitary reasons all mattress’, box springs, and futon pads must be properly protected in a Mattress box or plastic cover. Personal effects in plastic bags are not allowed in the truck. Packing supplies are not included in the transportation cost and will be charged if required. Elaborate furniture items that need to be disassembled and/or reassembled may require a 3rd party professional servicing or additional labor and should be disclosed to your estimator in advance of the move to be included on the estimate. Disconnecting and reconnecting appliances are not included in the estimate. Reassembly of any item is subject to the availability of tools and/or parts being available at delivery. Packing, materials, and unpacking services are available at an additional charge and are only included in this estimate if the service is listed on the services section of the estimate.

Use great care when packing boxes. Try to avoid box crumbling by checking out youtube videos on how to efficiently pack to avoid extra unused space.

ABBREVIATIONS and DEFINITIONS: Carrier: the moving company. Shipper: the consumer hiring the moving company. Articles listed as follows: Articles listed as CP = Carrier Packed; PBO = Packed By Owner; PO = fragile item to be wrapped with Pads Only per customer.

CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE: Some buildings require a certificate of insurance from the mover. Please check with your building management at both current and new locations regarding their requirements. Please notify your Relocation Specialist and we will be glad to assist you. Note: A fee may apply depending on building requirements.

PARKING RESTRICTIONS: Customers must confirm parking restrictions with the building/s management or local police department at both current and new locations in order for the carrier to avoid parking violations. If the truck physically or for reasons of parking restrictions cannot park close enough, Long Carrying or Shuttle Truck Service charges will apply and added to the original agreement.

FURNITURE TRANSPORTATION: Our Company requires that all drawers must be emptied prior to the day of the move. Furniture with full drawers will not be transported due to the high risk of damage to the actual furniture, premises walls, and floors.

UTILITIES / APPLIANCES: Make sure that all of your utilities and appliances will be turned off and disassembled from electric, gas, and water connections prior to the day of your move. We do not disassemble or reassemble any utilities or appliances at both current and new locations on the day of your move-out or move-in.


Destination*Estimated Delivery TimeLegally allowed up to
0-500 Miles2-7 days30 business days
501-1000 Miles2-10 days30 business days
1001-1500 Miles2-14 days30 business days
1501-3300 Miles2-21 days30 business days

* This delivery schedule is NOT A GUARANTEE.

** Delivery schedule begins from the FIRST DATE you will be ready to accept your shipment. All estimated time of arrivals is subject to change depending on many industry factors such as traffic, weather conditions, unforeseen mechanical problems, or unexpected delays with prior deliveries scheduled before you.

**We will not discount any account due to any delays listed above.

REVISED WRITTEN ESTIMATE:  If prior to or on the day of the scheduled pick-up the shipper tenders more property or makes a change to the initial order for which they received an estimate; On the Way, Moving and Storage may either (1) undertake the job with the additional property, in which case the shipper would only be required to pay 10% more than the initial estimate to receive the property on a non-binding estimate or 100% of the binding estimate and the remaining balance will be billed after the 30-day deferment. Or (2) On the Way Moving and Storage may execute a Revised/Rescission document, PRIOR TO LOADING OR OTHERWISE BEGINNING THE JOB, this rescission document and a new estimate is given prior to loading will serve as the only active estimate for which charges will be calculated.

AGREED MANDATORY CHOICE OF LAW, VENUE, AND JURISDICTION.  If a lawsuit becomes necessary to resolve any dispute between On the Way Moving and Storage and shipper, said suit shall and must only be brought in circuit or county court in and for Denver, Colorado.

AGENTS: On the Way Moving and Storage may use agents/independent sub-contractors on all orders. Additionally, unless you purchased an “exclusive use of the vehicle” option, there is no guarantee that your items will not be temporarily stored or offloaded and reloaded onto a different vehicle then performed pickup and consolidated with other shipments.

LEGAL PROCESS NOTICE TO ALL CLAIMS: On the Way Moving and Storage, shall not be liable for the loss or damage of the goods unless the claim is made in writing supported by proof of ownership, value, and weight. As a condition precedent, all outstanding monies due to On the Way Moving and Storage must be paid in full before any claim can be made. Claims must be filed within 9 months of delivery or demand thereof is refused and must be limited to the destination descriptions of damages for each item on the inventory logs. All damages and missing items must be noted on the inventory logs. Damage indications must specify each item damaged at the time of delivery. Shipper or agent has full authority to order services and enter into an agreement.

Notice of Maximum amount due upon delivery: Final charges will be based on actual weight or cubic feet/volume of property and services provided. The maximum amount demanded at time of delivery, prior to unloading, is the amount of the non-binding estimate plus 10%; or 100% of the binding estimate. Actual charges may exceed the amount of estimate if additional services were ordered or required to be performed; if the customer moved additional items, weight, or cubic feet; or if extra service options such as packing or storage were necessary.


1. The mover may provide you with a revised estimate

2. DO NOT allow the mover to load the truck or perform any services before you agree in writing to the new estimate

3. If you have not signed the mover’s revised estimate, and the mover loads the truck, then Federal regulation requires that the mover has reaffirmed the original estimate and cannot demand additional payment at delivery for the additional items. Any balance due above the binding estimate would need to be billed by the mover thirty days after delivery.

This is why we ask you to notify us of modifications at least 3 business days before the scheduled pick-up date, to avoid surprises at pick-up! On the day of pick-up, your foreman may offer you a newly revised estimate listing all costs for the entire move including the additional services ordered or additional items to be moved, if any. The total price will be the same as the price listed on this estimate if your inventory’s estimated weight/volume has not changed and if you do not require additional services. If your inventory’s estimated weight/volume increases or if you require additional services, however, then your price may change based on the rate per pound and/or cubic feet stated in this estimate.

CLAIM FILING PROCEDURE: As per company TERMS AND CONDITIONS, in the unlikely event a customer realizes that some of their goods are damaged or missing, or if they feel that they have been over-charged or charged for services that they didn’t receive prior, during, or after services were completed, all customers FULLY understand that they MUST initially give the service provider (Moving Company) the FIRST RIGHT to fully investigate and respond in writing with a resolution to their issues.

NOTICE AND WAIVERS:  The terms of this estimate and all services to be provided are subject to the carrier’s tariffs, incorporated by reference, and available for inspection upon reasonable request at the carrier’s offices. Please refer to: “You’re Rights & Responsibilities When You Move” Brochure – Rights & Responsibilities as well as “Ready to Move” Brochure – Ready to Move.

By placing a deposit with On the Way Moving and Storage, I am agreeing to the Terms & Conditions stated above. I have read and agree to the Terms & Conditions stated above.