Tips to survive your first move

First move

Tips to survive your first move 

Surely you are already thinking about your new apartment or what your new city will be like, or perhaps you should be surrounded by boxes and you don’t know where to start. However, putting together your first home is not an easy task, because it involves a series of decisions that can make you crazy.

We are used to being in the same place to live our own culture and a change can fill us with fear and insecurities; however, a change of life, is one of the best experiences that over time makes you mature and grow in a way never thought of. For the first time, you will have the freedom to do what you want with your time and space. And yet, it is the time when you will also have to take care of everything that involves going alone, from paying the bills to cooking your food. We leave you some tips and advice that can help you so that this stage is incredible and not a headache.

Make a budget

Moving and living alone can turn out to be more expensive than it seems. Before making the jump, make a budget of the expenses and what you would have to pay each month to know if your salary covers all this: rent, gas, telephone, pantry, etc. In addition, you should always save part of your money in case unforeseen situations arise.

Think where you want to live

Imagine what your monthly expenses would be, this will help you choose an area that is within your possibilities. When you go to choose the area in which you want to live, find out first and take a tour of the place so that you can know where the nearest shops, cafes, restaurants, cinemas, etc. are. Tour the place at different times of the day to give you a better idea of the environment before deciding.

With or without Roommate

Sharing space has many economic advantages, but also fun. It helps you not feel so alone at the beginning and to learn to face those first situations accompanied by someone who has more experience. Determine if you want to share or if you prefer to invest more money.

In any case, if you decide to have a roommate we must take into account two things: choose a person who has likes or a similar job to yours and establish rules that help healthy coexistence, especially if there is no defined role of who will wash frets or pay services, as this will affect your relationship.

Know the distribution of your apartment

This is in order to know what you can and cannot carry, you need to know the layout of your new home, as well as the most important dimensions. If possible, before moving in, enter your apartment and take photos and measurements such as those of the windows (for the curtains), as well as take measurements of the areas where you are going to place furniture, shelves, and decoration.

Make a list

After knowing or giving you an idea of your apartment, you should make a list of all the things that will be useful in the new home, from furniture to accessories. The list should be assembled based on the use and the essential thing to need.

This helps us analyze the budget and determine what is essential to need in our new home.

Comply with the packing date

The packaging is not fun, we all agree on that. But a fundamental way to keep organized (and in your right mind) as you prepare for your first big move is to pack ahead. If you start a few weeks before the day of the move. You’ll be able to pack all the non-essentials (like out-of-season clothes, kitchen and bathroom supplies, etc.), and then you can focus on more essentials during the days left for the move.

The move

Now yes, you are ready to move, we always recommend being in contact with your moving company they are very professional in providing these services and we know that everything will work out perfectly.

Remember not to deliver your personal documents inside the boxes, take care of that.


Finally, the most important thing: enjoy it! Now that you have your own space, discover good ideas to make it your dream refuge, and add little details that make it feel like a home. What are you waiting for?

But first of all, we give you the last piece of advice “don’t forget where you come from”

Now that you are alone or alone, you will start a new routine, different life habits, or even new relationships. Do not forget that you have left a family that they miss you, be communicative with them, and try to call them very often. We must not forget where we come from. And you, have you been through a move yet? I hope this new stage of your life is a success, take into account our advice so that you have a more organized move.

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