Top 10 Cities Californians are Moving to in USA

Californians have been moving out of California at an accelerated rate for close to a decade now. Every year the Census people come out with data on where they are going. They do this for every state, not just Califonia.

This list shows what states and what cities in those states they are relocating to. And just to let you know. Oregon and Nevada aren’t #1 or #2.

So where are Californians moving to, more specifically, what cities in the United States are they moving to?

10. Boise and Coeur d’Alene

This one’s no surprise. Well, there is a surprise. It’s not high on the list. That’s a surprise. Idaho has been a destination for Californians for some time. And in twenty nineteen twenty-one thousand Californians moved to the state with almost four thousand making the Coeur d’Alene area their new home. Coeur d’Alene only has about fifty-two thousand residents. So adding an additional four thousand can you know, that’s a little high. The big destination is the Boise metro area.

They saw 7000 new Californian residents. The rest are spread out places like Pocatello, Twin Falls, and Moscow. Moscow, Idaho is starting to become popular, too. I think that’s the next Boise here in the next five to ten years. The Californians moving here, a majority of them say it’s the politics and they’re being priced out of California.

9. Richmond and Norfolk, Virginia

Old Dominion saw twenty-one thousand Californians invade their little state with a majority going to Richmond. And it’s not just Californians moving to Richmond, by the way. This is also a hotspot for New Yorkers. Richman’s not going to be a medium-sized city for much longer, in my opinion. In twenty nineteen, Richmond saw about 5000 residents from the Golden State, with almost 4000 showing up in the Norfolk metro area and about another four thousand up north and Alexandria near Washington, DC, that whole metro area up there, the rest filtered out to various smaller cities like Blacksburg, Roanoke and then the small towns.

When surveyed the two main reasons Californians are heading to Virginia, they say jobs and home buying opportunities. It’s not as expensive as in California, which, if you know anything about California, you know, real estate is pricey.

8. New York City, New York

As proof Californians aren’t big thinkers

Twenty-five thousand moved to New York in twenty nineteen. Everyone else is leaving New York. Californians feel they need to go there. The only thing they’ve accomplished by that move is being able to see the sunrise over the ocean instead of the sunset.

Everything else in the two states are the same politics, same high cost of living and overpriced homes and most of the state, unless, of course, you move to the rural or bad areas. New York City saw seventeen thousand of those California relocated.

7. Florida

Yeah, pretty much all over the place. Twenty-seven thousand California residents made their way to Florida in twenty nineteen and they were evenly spread out around seven or eight different metro areas. Fort Myers did kind of lead the way with four thousand Orlando, Tampa, Miami, and Jacksonville, also about three thousand Californians each, while Tallahassee, Daytona, and Sarasota received about a thousand each. So why’d they moved? Why would you leave one Sunshine State for another Sunshine State, even though Florida is actually called the Sunshine State?

Well, it’s cheaper to live in most of Florida compared to most of California. They have different politics, more humidity, and a whole bunch of rednecks. One good thing Florida has over California is far less over the top political correctness. And people don’t get offended if you order something like a white Russian at a bar.

6. Denver, Colorado

Californians have been heading to Colorado since they first laid eyes on the Pacific Ocean. A bunch of settlers probably made their way to the shore and said, you know what? This place has nice weather and an ocean. It’s going to get really crowded and overpriced really soon. That place with those mountains looks nice. 28000 Californians invaded Colorado in 2019.

Last year, Denver saw the lion’s share of those Californians with 10000 moving into the Denver metro area, with Colorado Springs seeing almost five thousand.

Boulder picked up about three and the rest spread out on the western side of the state. Nobody ever moves to the eastern side of the state.

5. Portland and Bend, Oregon

From 2008 to 2016, Oregon was always the number one or the number two spot for Californians to move to.

But with all that, it is still one of the most moved two states. Oregon is an amazing state. It just has some stupidity roaming around that needs to go away. Out of the forty-three thousand Californians doing the northbound Oregon Trail, twenty-one thousand landed in the Portland metro area band picked up almost seven thousand. And then you have places like Eugene Salem, Grants Pass, and Ashland picking up a couple thousand apiece.

4. Las Vegas, Nevada

Over 50000 people left California for Nevada last year, and most of them landed in the Las Vegas metro area. Forty-four thousand people moved into Sin City’s metro area, with the rest being split between Reno and Carson City. I think in the coming years, Mesquite may start seeing more than the 50 or 100 they see every year. Now they’re doing a lot of construction there. And I think in the coming years, a lot of retired folks be heading out to the Mesquite area. It’s right on the border with Utah near St George. So it’s got a lot of things that’ll make people move there myself.

3. Seattle, Washington

Seattle sprouted about 55000 Californians last year, with most of them heading to the Seattle metro area. Forty thousand Californians moved into the SeaTac area last year alone. They’ve been growing bunch of Californians for years, but a lot of tech companies are moving out of the Seattle metro area. This just really started picking up steam in the last couple of months. Some of the companies are actually paying employees to move and then take a small wage cut like three to five percent.

2. Phoenix, Arizona

Sixty-eight thousand people moved from California to Arizona last year, with 41000 showing up to raise their chances of heatstroke in the Phoenix metro area. Tucson catches about 5000 Californians each year, but last year they had a great year with six thousand.

Arizona is a great place for retirees. Californians have been flooding there to retire for years.

1. Dallas and San Antonio, Texas

Eighty-six thousand people moved into Texas from California last year and most now called the Dallas metro area home. Fifty-one thousand to be exact. Another fourteen thousand discovered that San Antonio is a pretty cool place to live. Got a little extra crime than they need.

Places like Lubbock and Amarillo got a couple of hundred. Dallas is right now the best big city in the United States, better job, cheaper real estate, a lower cost of living, and not much crime compared to other big cities.

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