Top 10 Reason to move to Colorado. One of the best states to be young.

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It is time to take a look at Colorado. Colorado is considered the Centennial State. In case you’ve never heard the story of how it got the nickname the Centennial State, it was admitted into the union in 1876, 100 years after we started this little thing called the United States. So they’re coming up on 150 years of statehood. Pretty soon the history of Colorado goes on way before statehood.

Colorado is one of the best states for anyone to look at if they plan on moving. Great outdoors, amazing air quality and even better people. For decades Colorado has been one of the most moved to states. First of all, and I’m going to list 10 reasons why you should in the top ten reasons to move to Colorado.

No. 10, It’s got a portal to hell

Many claims that Colorado offers a portal to hell. Now, this is just a fun myth. I mean, it’s fun is a portal to hell can be. But many claim that the Denver airport may be a portal to help people claim this because of a blue Mustang statue named Blue Silver that actually killed the artist of the statue when a piece of the torso fell and crushed him. The eyes of the horse also glow red at night, making for an extra creepy experience.

This is really just an example of how the people of Denver and all of Colorado really are very unique and free-spirited.

No.9, The history.

Colorado is full of history. Thankfully, the history of the Native Americans who lived here in the past actually in the present wasn’t completely washed away when they were admitted into the union in 1876. The people of Colorado embrace and take immense pride in the Native American back story that this state has. The history of Colorado dates back over fourteen thousand years, a lot of years. There’s over twenty history museums in the state giving access to Colorado’s history from every point of view, not just the stereotypical 1950s Hollywood storyline where, you know, the Indians were evil and we were just, you know, people trying to make a living off the land and get attacked all the time.

No. 8, City and Scenery

You get the best of both worlds in Colorado. You can enjoy the big city life of Denver, Fort Collins, Pueblo, Boulder, Grand Junction, wherever, while still being able to escape and enjoy the scenery of various national parks, the Rocky Mountains. Other than the Denver area, most cities are spread out like you have some land between each one of them. So it’s kind of nice to have some wilderness there

If you like. Action sports. This is the state for you. Colorado residents order more GoPro cameras than any other state. So that should tell you something while going the complete other direction. Its neighbor Kansas orders the deepest fryers and all of the United States.

No. 7 It’s safe

Colorado is a very safe state. The murder rate is nearly half of what the national average is. Crime, in general, is really one of the best in the country. People don’t do stupid stuff to each other in this state. This may be related to a lot of different factors. They’ve got decent people, low unemployment rate, or the fact that they have one of the best supermax facilities in Florence. Supermax is the highest level security prison in the country.

No. 6 National monuments

Colorado is filled with national monuments that attract many visitors every single year. Some monuments include Four Corners. It’s where the state borders of New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and Colorado all meet pretty cool. The only place in the country that does that, the Rocky Mountains. Everyone has to see at least once in their life. I’ve been through it several times, like all the way through it. It’s amazing. They have Aztec ruins, Grand Mesa, the world’s largest flat top Mt.

Bishop Castle and so many more, not only national monuments but they have probably one of the best amphitheaters in the country, Red Rocks. You’ve never seen a concert there. You’re in Colorado. I don’t even care if you don’t like the music. Just go to Red Rocks and see something there. It’s amazing. It’s not just skiing and mountain biking. Colorado is so much more.

No. 5 Great small towns

Colorado overflows with great small towns. You have all the ones that everyone on the planet sort of like Aspen, Breckenridge, Durango, Vail, Glenwood Springs, that’s just naming a few. They also have some cool, lesser known towns like Rocky. He fought Rocky Ford as a small town that is home to about 4000 residents and it’s also the Melen capital of the world. The town has a long history of growing melons

By 1881, the town was producing more than 300 tons of watermelons every year. Today, the town has six or eight melon farms and the town is very proud of their beginnings and their melons. Their high school mascot is even a melon. They’re called the Melania’s.

No. 4 Tourism

The Centennial State is a very popular vacation destination between the slopes in the Hotspring. The state hits a new tourist milestone every single year. It seems Colorado had around 89 million visitors in twenty-eighteen. Tourism is a major industry in Colorado. The industry supports more than one hundred and seventy thousand jobs throughout the state, earning about six point three billion dollars. Besides the normal stuff, they also have a festival for a dead guy celebrating its 18th year in twenty nineteen.

The frozen dead guy days continue to be the world-renowned spectacle. People fly in from all over the world for this twisted little event. This strange festival pays homage to Breteau Marzel.

No. 3 Cheeseburgers

Food is a big part of the culture and history of Colorado. And the first cheeseburger was created in Colorado at the Humpty Dumpty Drive-In in Denver in nineteen thirty-five. First cheeseburger.

No. 2 Dinosaurs

Colorado may be one of the only states with the most preserved dinosaur tracks in the country or even the world. Tell the truth. In Pickett Wired Canyon, you can find more than 13 dinosaur tracks like they stepped in clay millions of years ago or whatever, and it hardened into rock. And now you have these rock footprints. It is. It’s really cool. This isn’t the Centennial State’s only run in with dinosaurs. In 1876, the first Stegosaurus fossil was found near Mawson, Colorado.

No. 1 Sunshine

Sunshine, Colorado is one of the sunniest states in the country, most people don’t think that because it’s not like Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, where, you know, those are most of the time considered deserts. At least that’s stereotypically what people think of those things. On average, Colorado gets about 300 mostly sunny days, with some overcast days trickled in there

But for the most part, it’s a very, very sunny state. The average annual rainfall is only about 15 inches a year, and that’s way below the national average. The national average is about twenty-nine inches. Now up in the Rockies, they do get more than enough snow that keeps them watered throughout the year. They just don’t get much rain.

All right, so that’s my top 10 reasons to move to Colorado. Hope you got some information out of it. Colorado is a great state. Everyone should go visit at least once or twice in their life, maybe even move there. Don’t matter what the people from Colorado tell you to do.

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